About Us

The complex web of factors impacting the growth and performance of Indian Industry are economic scenario, input prices, forex fluctuations, skilled manpower availability, contemporary technology and competitiveness.

With the above challenges looming large at the industry, the greatest challenge to the industry is will be to produce high quality product/ service at the most economical cost. This will enable the organization to gain competitive advantage in the industry.


Understanding this requirement CII has established the TCM division to provide cost management services to the Indian industry.

The prime objective of the division is to facilitate the national movement on TCM in order to make Indian industry cost competitive.

Genesis and TCM Working Group

The TCM Committee was fi rst visualized in early 1990s in Southern Region of CII during the Chairmanship of Mr Venu Srinivasan. A team consisting of Mr Venu Srinivasan, Mr T Anantha Narayanan, then Executive Director-Finance of Ashok Leyland and Mr K V Shetty, now director IP rings, short listed the external resources and formed the committee fi rst under the Chairmanship of Mr T Anantha Narayanan.

This was followed by the Chairmanship of Mr S Narayan, MD of WS Industries and eventually it became a national agenda through the constitution of a working group under the Chairmanship of Mr S Mahalingam, CFO of TCS. Mr A N Raman, Cost Management Professional and Mr P Thiruvengadam, Senior Director, Deloitte have been contributing and working very closely with CII form 1990s towards TCM movement in the country.